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At Envision Life Foundation, we use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a guiding principle, to provide basic human needs such as food, shelter, medicine for underprivileged communities.Further more, we encourage the pursuit of higher needs through programs such as TLA to help people stride forward in life.


The aim here is to improve overall living quality. Not only do we provide food and clean water, we work with local industries to provide adequate shelters, and invites physicians from Singapore to hold regular free clinics.

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Scholarship, vocational training, and employment matching are available to community members, so they can decide to advance in academic studies, to work for salary, or to start their own businesses.


Teach, Learn and Act is an initiative that focuses on empowering individuals in their pursuit of higher needs. We invite local experts as our instructors, to provide short, affordable, and accessible courses, and work with our learners on creating community projects with real-world impacts.


The aim of Hour Bank is to build an international time-sharing community using time as its currency. Anyone with time can engage in meaningful interactions with one another. Time is a resource that all of us are born with. The purpose of Hour Bank is to help everyone making the best use of their time, by turning time into a currency that can be used to exchange time with others.

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